Self Tapes

Imagine only needing to focus on your performance? That's possible at That Creative Loft; we provide actors with a comfortable/professional space, camera operator, reader and an editor so you can focus on booking the role. All work is documented on SD card, uploaded, edited and delivered at your request to you, your agent and casting.

We strive to create the highest quality self-tapes in Northern Ontario.

$35 + hst for 30 minutes self-tapes

$50 + hst for 1 hour self-tapes 

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We've noticed that small roles (5 lines and under) usually take 30 minutes while larger roles (5 lines and up) usually take at least an hour. 

"A fast and efficient service that doesn't compromise on quality. I always receive a prompt response with several options that fit my schedule. Kelly has been helping me with my self-tapes for the past 4 years now." - Michael Dagostino