Teens on Camera - Professional

  • $350.00

AGES: 13 - 18

Requirements: previous film & television training (1 year of training or permission from studio owner Kelly Lamb). 

Fridays 6:45pm - 7:45pm (in-person)

January 12th - March 29th 

Instructor: Kelly Lamb

Special Guests and Activities: 

Filmmaker Richard Barlow (students get the opportunity to professionally record a scene from class).

Circus class (students learn how to mime during one class).

Tuition: $350.00 + hst 


Students will build on their improvisational skills through a variety of games and scenes. 

Furthermore, they will work with scripts from film & television shows, TV commercials and voice-over spots that build on what they already know regarding scene analysis, character development, auditioning, being on set, etc. 

During one of the classes, Richard Barlow will be in attendance to professionally record a scene with each student. This will be great footage to send to casting directors and agents!