The Ultimate Workout - Adults

  • $70.00
  • $70.00
General info: 

-Adults (18+) 
-Recommended for actors with previous training.  

First Guest and Date/Time: 

Casting Director Colleen Rush from Larissa Mair Casting.
Second Guest: 

Casting Director Sergio Alvarado from The Brunch Store. 
Guest #3, #4, #5 and #6 will be shared with subscribers. The dates and times will also be shared with them. 

Upon registration, participants will be sent details regarding the special guest and they will also be sent sides in which they need to prepare (audition style) for the special guest. Each month = a new guest and new sides.

Each workshop is 2 hours long. The first part consists of performances from each actor (a reader will be provided) and the second part consists of overall feedback from the special guest and a Q&A (if time permits).
The goal of this series is for actors to gain more confidence performing live for a casting director and as mentioned above, to keep actors in shape!